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Welcome to Agora Celebration!


Our company Agora Celebration is oriented to be a place where our customers can find a variety of accessories for women designed and handmade by ourselves and  by artisans from around the world.


This philosophy of marketing is especially oriented for fashion accessories and women who seek elegance and style. Our products are crafted from natural resources such as glass (using fusing technique to achieve a one of a kind pieces), leather, natural stones, crystals and fresh water pearls.


We elected to use the term Agora derived from Ancient- Greece to describe a square (plaza) for commercial activities, cultural and political life. At this time the square offered a place for people to find products of different kind of variety.


Agora Celebration is precisely a place where women who like fashion can find beautiful, unique, elegant and different types of handmade accessories inspired by our artisans and artisans around the world.


Our difference and distinction is quality, design and friendly service.

Beautiful Women
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